Saturday, December 15, 2012

Autism and the Sandy Hook/CT Shootings

In the wake of this terrible tragedy, there are no words that are adequate to express how horrible it all is. So instead I am going to point you to Paula C. Durbin-Westby's excellent post on the subject. 
Paula C. Durbin-Westby is an autistic adult who has offered some views as an autistic (Asperger syndrome), as a parent and as an autistic parent on the shooting in Connecticut in Mother with Asperger Syndrome Grieves Sandy Hook Elementary Victims .

She says:
Today, December 14, 2012, I got a text about four minutes before I walked into my son’s school to play the piano for a winter program. The text said that 18 (then up to 20) children had been killed at an elementary school, not unlike my son’s. Children the age of the children I would be making music with in a few minutes. I was in shock. The texts I was receiving came from my dear brother, who has small children of his own. Since I was not online or near any media sources, he wrote to me what I was seeing on breaking news, and we texted together, as parents, about how horrible, how unthinkable, this heinous act was. His children were with him; mine was in school, and I had to resist an overwhelming impulse to sign him out and leave.

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