Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Newport, Oregon - old post about it I found

Found this on my computer... it was such a lovely description/essay I had to put it on here
From Summer 2009

Newport: Combining Two Worlds in One    

After spending a day in the seaside town of Newport, Oregon, one can start to guesswhy San Francisco was the center of the 1960s hippie movement - it's just something about the water. Something about the majestic waves, the grand size of everything out on the West coast. It makes a person feel a bit more free, a bit more unencumbered. The same spirit seems to have been carried up the coast from California to central Oregon.

Newport is a city of about 10,000 residents that serves as something of a hub for smaller, nearby towns in Lincoln County. The ocean is its most striking feature; the water is visible the moment you enter city limits. Unlike some coastal cities, much of the coast is accessible through various parts of the city; the area known as the "Bayfront" has cute, touristy shops lining the street, and huge ocean views at any point along it. Go a little further down that street and you'll come to a state park with stunning ocean and wave views that you won't believe. The Nye Beach area is one of the largest beaches you've ever seen, along with some shops. South Beach has a famous marine center. The Yaquina Bay Bridge can be seen in the distance from many areas of the city; it is quite picturesque with many boats underneath it.

Gift shops of all kinds abound; tie dye pokes out from every corner of the city in various shops. A Beatles Yellow Submarine logo adorns a wall by the marine center. An old green VW van can be seen cruising down the streets. A "Baitful Dead" parody of a Greatful Dead t-shirt hangs in the wall of one gift shop, a play on the fact that this is a fishing town at heart. Signs annoucing clams and other fish compete for space with Ripley's Believe it or Not and other eclectic businesses. Walk down to one of many piers leading to the ocean and you might see people fishing for crabs. On another dock you may see sea lions lounging in the sun.

Newport is surrounded by many relatively rural areas; some of these can be quite a treat in themselves, with an abundance of trees, hiking areas, and wildlife. It is not unusual to see cows, sheep, even llamas on the side of the road. The sound of roosters mixes with the baahing of a sheep; the shrill call of a peacock mixes with the gentle ribetting of a frog. It is almost like being in another world.        

People are unusually friendly and helpful when asking for directions. Newport, Oregon is a city with heart; the ocean air seems to imbibe its inhabitants with a certain free-spiritness that makes the town a joy to be in. Located on the coast, it has its share of rainy, cloudy days, but it just makes the sunny days all the more special. Make plans to visit Newport today.    

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