Monday, November 12, 2018

Mendocino County Line (Family Visit)

I made them laugh.
Because laughter is a tonic.
So are good views, a beautiful sunset, and a passionate appreciation of the nature around you.
Positive energy is a tonic, and I got that in spades tonight, with my uncle, visiting from California, and his new friend C. She is such a lovely combination of both introspective, warm and outgoing! Not a combination you find that often.
I hadn't seen my uncle in a couple years, and was unsure how it would go; but with his contagious, infectious enthusiasm and her immediate warmth, close attention to my jokes and stories, and interesting ancedotes, how could it not?
It was sunset, and even though the wind made me nervous, we headed towards the western prom for a spectacular sunset that we all enjoyed.
Then there was the matter of grave importance -- the graveyard, which naturally lead us to the long and winding way...road (couldn't resist, it's true) to the Pine St intersection.
My uncle loved the architecture of all the buildings on the West End; I've never had a more appreciative audience. I adore (outwardly) appreciative audiences. They are very hard to find. You know the houses are beautiful, but you don't quite appreciate it as much until you see it from someone else's eyes.

Walking in the nearly empty streets reminded C of Mendocino, where she is from, so I asked if she knew the song "Mendocino County Line," which she did! She said “I do, but how do you know it?” and I sang some of it.

Both of them walked on the curb with me near the playground, no one has ever done that before. Well ,she IS a yoga teacher! And he met her doing yoga, so...

And my uncle jumped in the leaves with me. We went to the US map briefly and then the chocolate shop. There was quite a line in there. I waited outside.
We got a treat eggs for Nate, a chocolate turkey for Thanksgiving, and another heart choclate for whoever I deem appropriate!
I also gave them my passionfruit chocolate because C said “I love passionfuit!” and my uncle did too. And the other heart chocolate.
My uncle bowed as a good bye gesture ,which I liked, and we said goodbye until next time.

A lovely way to spend an evening which I hope to remember.

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