Monday, June 2, 2014

On Expectations

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Expectations are so toxic. When I finally got to the point in my day when I was just spent and had no expectations other than to get thru the rest of my day (but had had enough satisfying experiences in the day so that I was tired without being depressed) and was free from expectations, that is when happiness was able to fill me for the first time in the day... Lean On Me came on the sound system at gelato place.. and I found myself singing... for the first time today. If you knew me... you would know that a day where I don't sing at some point is a day not well spent indeed. And when I start singing again... I find myself once again.

If I could find a way to do without expectations, I would. They strangle me. I compare everything I do to my expectations of what "should" be happening , especially according to the expectations of those around me. I KNOW it's toxic. But it's such a hard habit to break. To live without expectation, to live and enjoy each moment without obsessively worrying about the future or comparing each moment to SOMEONE ELSE'S version of success would be so freeing.

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