Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's 2010: Friends, Family and Food

New Year's Eve 2010. I had 5 friends over to my dad's house, and my dad and stepmom had another 5 or 6. I think I counted 17 in all. The evening went by so fast. I got there at 4, took a short walk and then awaited the arrival of others, who mostly came between 6:30 and 7. We played a game where I had come up with the top 20 events of 2010, and had people guess what month they took place in. 3 points for the exact month, 2 for 1 month on either side, 1 for closest guess. It sparked some fun conversation and memories, and in the end, Rob creamed everyone with his recall (although to be fair, he'd taken a Sporcle quiz on 2010 events before arriving), while Nate came in second.

Nate brought six different flavors of whoopie pies, and Janine three chocolate ones, so I had fun cutting and arranging them, then taking pictures of them. Nobody really ate them till the end, but I did see about half gone, so that's good.

There was chocolate chip, maple, ginger, pumpkin, chocolate creme, and other flavors I don't even remember. All made but one by Isamax of Maine and sold in local stores. Nothing says New Year's like whoopie pies, lol.

Okay, so now that I have gotten all the gratuitous whoopie pictures in here, what else did we do? Nate and Rob played ping pong. We started to play another game, but it broke up when I got drawn into conversation with someone else and some people got tired and decided to leave, which was fine. I enjoyed some very stimulating conversation with some of Diane's friends, and I found I had something very interesting in common with one of them. I was so engrossed with talking to her, in fact, that I almost didn't notice that it was just a few minutes to 2011. I finally broke away and counted the last 2 and a half minutes down with everyone else, shouting the final ten seconds, and followed by lots of hugs and joy from everyone. I was glad to share New Year's with my dad and stepmom for the first time in several years, and to have my friends to share it with as well.

My dad got some BBQ from Tennesee, which was much appreciated by the party goers. Rob loved it in particular.


My start to 2011 has been slow; I enjoyed yesterday but had a difficult day today. So it goes I suppose -we just hav to hope there are solutions to all our problems in the horizon, and hopefully not get too overwhelmed before we find them.

So happy 2011 to everyone; gee, I haven't written in this blog all year. :)