Thursday, July 7, 2016

Beach Boys Concert on Pier with Nate

Random rough draft of rambling thoughts I want to record from the Beach Boys and Temptations concert Nate and I were lucky enough to see at the ferry terminal/pier tonight. It looked like it was going to rain but it didn't, thankfully! 
I have good thoughts fighting with bad thoughts, and I want the good thoughts to win. I am fighting anxiety right now. I can't take 2 nights in a row of panic, but it was worth the very awesome beach boys concert concert we went to, nate and I. I have such good friends, I am so happy he was willing to come with me and bring my chair so i could sit and enjoy the concert without being in agony omg it was really cool! so it started off really slow but we just made fun of the first few songs to entertain ourselves, they started out with Let's Do It Again, worst beach boys song ever, boring, so hey it could only go up from there right?
Then every surfing song known to man right in a row, lol.. surfing safari, surfer girl, etc. altho surfing USA was later. they were ok but kinda boring. oh so there was this woman sitting next to us, she was very friendly, i chatted with her before i found nate. she was so much friendlier than the people who were next to me at the kenny rogers concert!! also she knew who petula clark was who they played in between the temptations and beach boys on the sound system which was awesome.
Oh yeah 6 temptations songs got 20 min of the 40 they played not bad they did do i wish it would rain but thankfully it didn't! not until a little after 9 when i got home! very lucky we were!! Ball of confusion, my girl, the way you do the things you do, papa was a rolling stone, just my imagination.
Anyway so after like 45 min of decent but mostly un-exciting songs they finally hit the jack pot! SLOOP JOHN B was very fun. Despite feeling like i had no energy to sing cus air was a little thick i sang cus omg fun song which was followed by wouldnt it be nice which is so awesome and then followed by a raeally good cover of "and then he kissed me" which the crystals did
I don't know why but i dont feel same writing here
Then they did CA girls, and God Only Knows! Songs you can sing along to!
There were the most awesome people sitting by us. These two older guys, I didnt notice for a while. But I started a convo with one about his dog. So cool! The one guy was singing along to some of them, we both sang to CA girls so i think that was my favorite song for that reason. other guy said "you're too young to know all this" lol and said "i can tell you're an enthusiast!" and said "this is incredible" cus he had just come in from ferry from peaks and saw the concert!
So the part when those 2 guys were there and talking/singing/guessing what songs would be next was the best part. Nate and I were also guessing what songs would be next and making fun of the bad ones. All in all it was a very fun 90 min and other than my hand from clapping I actually didn't injure anything for once. Kind of amazing, given me. Finale was Good vibrations and fun, fun fun.
Song list (Yes I wrote them down, too overwhelmed to process it when it's happening so I want to remember them! )
I could identify nearly every song within about 5 seconds and that made me feel good and impressed the people around me  you got to be good at something! that rush of - is it adrenaline, or just joy, or both , When you recognize a song you like - even if you dont like it much - the surprise factor - THAT is what I love about concerts! and need more. it releases all my happy endorphins! it used to happen on the radio.
Do it Again
Three surfing songs - surfing safari, girl, usa etc
new original song
cover - why do fools fall in love
when i grow up to be a man
be true to your school
don't worry baby
little deuce coupe
I get around
cover - CA dreaming
original new song
Sloop John B
Wouldn't it Be Nice
And then he kissed me
CA Girls - this is the one the guy sang with me
God Only Knows
Do you wanna dance
All summer long - boring but obscure-ish
Help me Rhonda- great crowd response
Kokomo-boring but Nate likes it
Break, then good vibrations
and fun fun fun to end it!
Twenty five songs in all, not bad at all!
Then I was able to get the cab back in 3 minutes amazing timing so i wouldnt have to walk back to the square and try to time it with the bus which was a good choice esp cus it started raining right as we got back!
I met this interesting guy on the bus this afternoon, he had a bunch of bottles, he was young, intellectually disabled, kept talking about how he was going to falmouth, but then he got off at congress sq which doesn't connect with the falmouth bus so i felt bad for him and hoped he figured out how to get to falmouth. 3 more stops and he would have been in the right place but i couldnt get to him to tell him. hopefully he walked there.