Thursday, July 14, 2011

Funny moment from my dad's today

My mom is visiting from Montana, we went to Popham Beach and to my dad's to swim in the lake today.

Funny moment that I thought just might worth be posting here...

A friend of my dad's made jello shots at the house today. Instantly that little buzzer went off in my head and I remembered the very interesting piece of info I recently learned about jello and figured this was a good time to share it. The funny part was that everyone in the house was properly grossed out to find out that gelatin is made up of ground up animal bones except for my dad. Surprised, he looked at my mom, confirmed to her what I had said in an offhand manner, and said "You didn't know that? I thought everyone knew that, that it was kind of in their store of general information." (And I don't think he was joking.) Score one for the "How To Tell If You're an Aspie (or have Aspie traits) category, lol.

My dad is not by any means diagnosed, but let's just say that I don't think some of the unique similarities I have with him are coincedental.... in many ways we definitely think the same way! Which I like.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Simon and Garfunkel tribute concert

Last night, I went to a Simon and Garfunkel tribute concert with my friends at Old Orchard Beach, half an hour from here. The venue was beautiful and outdoors, necessary for me. Most of the songs were quite good, including the Boxer and I am a Rock, my favorites. Afterwards, we went to the nearby amusement park to see rides all lit up at night. Here are a few pictures from the night.

My thoughts on it from Facebook, written in a slightly more stream of conscious way

Simon and Garfunkel tribute.... slow at first but ended up very nicely. Venue it was in - absolutely beautiful. Stunningly beautiful, even. Perfect combo of inside and outside amenities. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and it was nice to go to a concert with them. I am pretty sure we were the only people under 50 there.

One of us got on the shuttle bus there and said he thought he walked into some senior citizen group, lol. Not crowded. Not too hot. Nice to meet another member of our group, R, for the first time. Easy to find and get to. Well organized. Appreciative audience. 2nd half much better than first. Didnt know a lot of songs in the first. Best three songs - America, I am a Rock, and esp. the Boxer. Funny cus I said to Nate and Rob near the end "But they havent done the Boxer" and that was their encore/Grand finale. Beautiful song. It might not have been toe tapping music, but it was pretty and a good group event. Went to OOB (beach/carnival) after. The rides were REALLY neat looking at night. I was dazzled, I havent been there in ages, and never at night. Got many pictures of rides lit up against sky.

The excitement builds

The venue - outside with all the amenities of an inside theater, half a mile from the beach

Beautiful place to see a show

My friends Nate, Rob and myself (other friends who came not pictured)

The ferris wheel sure does look cool lit up at night against the sky!

I love the French influences on OOB. You can almost pretend you're in Quebec when you're only half an hour away!

And that's all for now. Contending with the summer heat and trying to make the best of it. Went to the Strawberry Festival in S. Berwick, saw awesome Beatles tribute concert, and Bath Heritage Days last week. Next up - swimming! I hope =)