Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reid State Park

Lobster shack we went to 3 miles from the beach at Reid State Park

This will be stream of consciousness writing as I am too tired to do anymore.

Well... What a day. Left at 12 with Rob to get the 1210 bus at Walmart. When we got there the farmers market was going on which I'd forgotten about. Much excitement and one whoopie pie for Nate later, I fortunately managed to see the bus when it came and get on it in time. It was only 5 min late instead of the 10-20 I was expecting, but I kept an eye out. Bus ride was short, talked to bus driver. When I got off the bus in Portland the Portland farmer's market was going on! And as it was only about 1230, it was BIG! Woah! 2 farmers markets in 1 day without even trying! I put on my Walkman for a few min, and Martina's new song, which I have been dying to hear on my Walkman while outside , came on , so I crossed the street an sang to it. That put me in a good mood!

Then Ryan came and we wandered through the farmers market, which is far bigger at 1230 then it is at a few min before 2 when its closing time. I ended up getting a surprisingly comfortable looking soft tshirt for $5 (it's smelly though), a choco chip cookie for Marion, an some good looking French fingerling and purple mini potatoes.

Cookie I bought for M at Portland farmer's market

Then we had an unfortunate incident with a bird an his refuse dropping from the sky. Ewww. It was sunny and beautiful, not humid, hot in the sun but fine in the shade. A great day to walk around. We went to the park and Ryan cut my hair while singing funny songs about it! American Pie was playing at the nearby resteraunt speaker so we, ok I, sang along to it. Then Amber wanted me to sing If I had a Hammer, so I happily obliged. Oh ya an Ryan started singing Daydream Believer so I ha to help him finish. =)

After the haircut, we had to hightail it to Whole Foods cus we were behind schedule. I got all my food that I wanted in record time, and after some debate if we had enough time to still go to Reid State Park, we hightailed it over there. Not a bad ride at all. Easy to find. It was stunningly beautiful once we figured out where we should be. Biggest waves I can ever remember seeing on a beach. Lots of rocks to climb on for absolutely stunning views. A lagoon for Nate an Rob to swim in. It's not a good beach for walking, but the waves, wow. Spent 2 hrs there an went to the 5 Islands Lobster Co for dinner. Very cute, small, quaint, picturesque place that was packed to the gills! Left at 8 when the sun went down and drove back. Quite a good day overall I must say! We planned that well. Got some amazing pictures.

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