Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Random Late Summer Interactions


Bus stop story

Two women I don't usually get to talk to, I enjoyed talking to very much today while waiting for the 10 min late bus. D + D.

Her "Do you know how to get the bus to DHS? It's by the airport."
Me "Sure, take the #5"
Her "Wow, that was quick. Can you pick it up here?"
"No, you have to go to Elm St. Do you know where that is?"
"Yes. Which bus do you take to get there? The 1?"
"Yes, the 1 or the 8 , the 8 goes right from the hospital, but (pros + cons of each). "
"Do you need a transfer?"
"Yup. I can give you their phone # if you want too, I memorized it years ago. *Gives number* They're open to 7."
"Wow. Look at you! You know so much! Thank you, you just made my day!"

Wow, would I love to work at an information desk. It'd be so much fun!

Then this evening when I got out from the library, I heard the tail end of a man helping a woman who didn't seem like she was from here get a cab. I asked her where she was going. She wanted the PTC. I told her
"There will be a bus going there from here literally any minute, I'm taking it." She was so happy she didn't have to call a cab + thanked me profusely!

Then same woman from before told me her husband rescues seals in Biddeford pretty much every weekend, which is super cool, and I told her it got my seal of approval. She laughed so hard. I think I just sealed my future in their eyes. =) Both she and her friend told me how funny I was and how I brought them joy, at least today I guess. They had asked if there was anything they could do to help me before but 1-5 min before a bus === not really enough time for such a conversation.

"You just made my day, twice!"

Whoever knew construction (which delayed bus giving me time to talk to them) could be so fun? I'm sure it won't be tomorrow when I need to take a different bus, but today it was. What could be better than making someone's day twice esp in such beautiful weather?

Random Canadians 9/4/19

When I got off the bus, and was walking towards Joe's, I was greeted by the sound of some guy saying “Why don’t you ever say hello to me?”
 Always up for a (safe) social adventure as long as it’s within the confines of Monument Sq, I dropped my stuff on the nearest bench and proceeded to tell him that I said hello to everyone who said hello to me, and was it possible that he had never said hello to me before?

“Well, you always seemed in your own world, I didn’t want to intrude.”
“Well, that might be true at times, but if so, it’s probably because I don’t have anyone who seems up for a chat at that time. If you see me, feel free to say hello. One of us has to be first.”

Chatted for bit. Discovered he is from Yellownife, Sasketchewan, Canada? That got my attention! WOW, that’s far away! But even more so, one of my favorite online friends I believe was from there before he sadly passed away few yrs ago. Even more weirdly, I feel like the town(s) might have been the same or very similar. Wouldn’t it have been cool if they knew each other? He mentioned Regina....sounds vaguely familiar? Says he was raised on an Indian reservation there. Left in the 60s. Calls himself Gypsy? Interesting fellow. Someone at hot dog stand said they’d known him for 10 yrs but didn’t seem quite as enthused as me. Novelty will do that to you.

He wanted to know more about my Canadian friends, so I told him; longest conversation about Canada, esp. spontaneous convo, I’ve ever had. We talked about Nova Scotia a lot, and how I thought it would be like Portland only prettier; and how beautiful your art was. He seemed very impressed; he’s into art.

Then I called him a loonie and it took him a surprisingly long time to catch on but he was impressed when he did.
Dollar coin . =)

Just another day in Monument Square. Thank goodness for some novelty occasionally.

So I thought a loonie was a two cent coin, but I was wrong. It's a dollar coin! And a toonie is a two dollar coin. Therefore this joke I just thought of. =)
What is the most popular TV show among Canadian bankers?
Loonie Toones! Lol