Sunday, July 9, 2017

OOB and Invisibility

Someone gave me the idea of doing a speech based around the theme of being invisible, or not.
I've been struggling to find a way to structure it, a way to organize it, ideas to include.

Today, though, I think gave me some material.

Today, Nate, Rob, Amber and I went to OOB for a couple hours.
It took some work to organize and prepare for.
But it ended up going quite well.
My friends work hard to make me feel visible, and heard, and included.
Nate got me an avocado so I had food I would like.
I work hard to try to find a source of positive energy in me so I am good company.
I tell jokes or comment on things around us that other people might have missed.
We all work hard to make each other feel visible, seen, heard, wanted, and included.
Maybe that is the defin

You may not have that many things in common with someone, but when you share experiences with them, you create a bond. This means a lot.

I looked for Quebec license plates, played one balloon game, and took in the visual stimuli around me.

I used to be able to write more, and more coherently, and just more stuff.
But this will have to do as a memento for the future.
I am working hard to be grateful for what I have.

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