Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There are many other things I would like to be doing now, but at the same time I think it is very important to recognize small moments that may occur in the course of a day, that make you happy. Moments that matter, that may be out of the ordinary or may not be. And stock them up for when you have a shortage of them later.

So here are my moments for today, of which a surprising amount occurred:

1. Madeline (I will call her Madeline as a penname) greeted me enthusiastically when I came downstairs and told me she loved my book so far and that she "felt like she was actually there in the cities I was writing about."

2. Mark (also a pen name) telling me that "You're always in a good mood, it's nice to come home to someone in a good mood," when I greeted him when he got home tonight. I was a little surprised but pleased at that comment.

3. A good friend telling me that he would "always be grateful to me for giving him true friendship for the first time in his life." Man. With a statement like that, how can not smile? It feels so good to be meaningful to another person.

4. A relative telling me enthusiastically that she "really, really, really liked" my book, and telling me why. And a 40 minute discussion about it. That was fun, and good encouragement and motivation to work on getting the book self-published, too.

Wow. Today, I actually feel like I mean something to some people. That is a feeling I do not often have. And I like it.

Now to return to the regularly scheduled program, which probably includes working on my book and possibly researching things about cabs in an attempt to maybe write a future article on them.

I won't go into the things I am frustrated about as I hope they will resolve, as all things do sooner rather than later, and I am trying to be grateful right now.

And work on my book. So then I can figure out ways to promote it, sell it, whatever. That would be really cool.

Do you make efforts to try to be attuned to small moments of pleasure and meaning in your daily life? Does it help make up for all the not-so-good times?


  1. Kate! I so enjoyed your gratitudes...I was thinking how joyful it is for you to be in a safer place now...even with the frustrations.
    You are working and doing a wonderful job. You have a balanced life with friends. Yes, you have a serious condition, but you are living!
    Today I was pondering gratitude. Someone said it was NEW! Ha. It is pretty old, actually.
    Beauty and laughter have become a part of my daily life,esecially when things aren't going well.
    Early on I was taught to be thankful, not only for what others have done, but for what God has the next breath. And also for the abilities he gave me.
    With MCS we don't always get alot of the things most take for granted, like shoes, and glasses and organic food, or even drinking water we can tolerate.
    the gratitude I was taught was not to get something for myself, although a change of attitude usually follows, even if circumstances don't, but to share with others and the Creator the appreciation of the moments. 'What ever things are good and lovely and virtuous, and a good report, think on these things...'
    Somedays it doesn't come as easily. But if you have the habit and good friends to remind are LIVING LARGE! (meaning living fully, abundantly) thank you for sharing and thank you for asking. I am glad we have crossed paths. You are inspiring as well as educational.

  2. Thanks! I looked at your blog too. The pictures you have on it are beautiful!