Thursday, July 14, 2011

Funny moment from my dad's today

My mom is visiting from Montana, we went to Popham Beach and to my dad's to swim in the lake today.

Funny moment that I thought just might worth be posting here...

A friend of my dad's made jello shots at the house today. Instantly that little buzzer went off in my head and I remembered the very interesting piece of info I recently learned about jello and figured this was a good time to share it. The funny part was that everyone in the house was properly grossed out to find out that gelatin is made up of ground up animal bones except for my dad. Surprised, he looked at my mom, confirmed to her what I had said in an offhand manner, and said "You didn't know that? I thought everyone knew that, that it was kind of in their store of general information." (And I don't think he was joking.) Score one for the "How To Tell If You're an Aspie (or have Aspie traits) category, lol.

My dad is not by any means diagnosed, but let's just say that I don't think some of the unique similarities I have with him are coincedental.... in many ways we definitely think the same way! Which I like.


  1. That is funny - especially since I didn't know that about gelatin - eww!

  2. Love it Kate. So glad to find your blog. I can totally relate as I believe that I probably have Asperger and have often come out over the years and said things like this. I also have 2 boys who have been diagnosed on the Spectrum and one especially is always coming out very non relevant but interesting facts and memories. It can sometimes be a bit embarrassing for his brother and sister when their friends come over. But that is the joys of living with ASD. I have now included you in my Autism Blog links. Sarah.