Thursday, February 28, 2013

Putting the Moose in Mousse (Or, Therapy 101)

So, while we're on the topic of seeming irrelevant topics (and when am I ever not on that topic?), I called both Aurora Provisions and Foley's bakery about one particular subject today - Mousse. Particularly, chocolate mousse. You see, last week, last  Friday to be exact,  I went into a gourmet food shoppe I had never been into in Portland that you have to walk by to get to my psych nurse appt. It was like a heaven ,a nirvana. Best. Gourmet. Food. Shop. Ever! I got a few things, one for Tim, a Dolfin lavender chocolate bar that I thought I could eat, and my friend R got a few things, but I kept coming back to... .The Mousse. 

A container of nothing but dark chocolate expresso mousse for a few bucks. Omg, did I keep coming back to it. I couldn't leave the store without it, so I got it figuring I could give it to N or R and *someone* could enjoy it. 

But, I have to tell you a secret. In all the bakeries, chocolate shops and foodie places I've been in the in the last 2 years, this little chocolate mousse was the first to break through my defenses. 

I ate some.

This may not sound out of the ordinary to you, but the last time I tested dairy and eggs was around 2 years ago and I had a bad reaction. So despite loving the stuff to death I have avoided every trace of it for 2 years. Which ended with that lovely chocolate expresso mousse.

It was absolutely wonderful and decadent. Since it was mousse, I could eat it with a spoon and bypass my sensitive teeth. Since it was just mousse, I could seperate it from other possible allergens like gluten. How could I resist? It melted in your mouth, so light , fluffy and yet intense. Dark chocolate gave way to just a hint of expresso - not enough to overwhelm as expresso usually does. Just enough to add to the flavor profile. And when you added the banana sorbetto I had gotten from GF to a small (and I do mean small, I was using a gelato spoon) spoonful of it, the flavors melded together and exploded in a beautiful symphony of chocolate,expresso and banana.

And the most amazing thing? No stomach symptoms. Ever after the usual 2 hours. 

SO, Off to whole foods I went last night in search of one of their wonderful mousse desserts I had been holding back on for so long! But alas, they only had a milk, white and dark mix, with hardly any dark. Not worth it! I was very dissapointed. Now I have learned my lesson.  One must search for the dark chocolate mousse ahead of time! So I have called and sussed out Foley's and Aurora for more of this precious stuff and will be repeating this experiment again on Friday if all goes well. Ain't therapy wonderful? =) 

I find the best bakeries when visiting mental health professionals. It happened in college too. Too funny!


  1. Chocolate mousse is probably my favorite dessert on the planet, ever. So glad you were able to enjoy it without having a reaction!

  2. Honestly! No human being who loves chocolate should ever (EVER, I tell you) be deprived of the holiness of chocolate mousse because of food restrictions. I give you the following recipes (not tried by me, but it's important to know they exist if one googles vigorously enough):
    Or you could try:
    And if neither of those work for you, there's always:

    Where there's a will there's a way in the land of food/chocolate. May the forces of food happiness be with you!

  3. Sounds delicious!

  4. Have you tried extra virgin coconut oil, it has made miracles happen in improving autism.

  5. Hi Kate! I just recently found your blog and I've enjoyed reading about your experiences and how you've been working hard to be more social out in the world. I found your blog while researching for a guest post I just wrote over at The Cookie Puzzle...and...I happened to link up your blog....and....dedicated some cookies to you! I read that you were inspired to go to a Hanukah gathering because they had cookie decorating and I happen to be a cookie decorator!!! Amazing! I would send them to you directly, but sadly they are loaded with gluten (sorry 'bout that). Thanks so much for the inspiration!