Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Finding Connection in Unexpected Places

Yesterday, I was at the Whole Foods cafe, trying to beat the heat and find a measure of sanity for myself. Caught up in my thoughts, sitting at the long wooden table in the cafe, I barely noticed her at first. There is a woman who works there who I've always enjoyed exchanging greetings with. She is very genuine and enthusiastic. She somehow seems more real than everyone else, more there. We have never exchanged more than short greetings and "How are you?"s. Yesterday, I saw her looking out the window at something very pointedly. She was staring at something, in much the same way I'd do. She was really into it. She approached someone else and started to tell him what she saw. I ripped myself away from my music, my thoughts or whatever I was doing and approached her to find out what the object of interest was.

Turns out there was a reflection of one of the people in the cafe in the stone on the other side of the glass window. It looked like there was a man in the stone. Kind of like a "man in the mountain " kind of thing. Very cool. I stood and observed it with her for a few minutes. I told her "That's cool! You're so perceptive! I like that!" She thanked me with a tone of voice so genuine and surprised that it sent shivers down my spine. I recognized myself in her. I am always the one to be noticing things no one else notices. Later on in the night, I ran into her again, and asked her how the rest of her day had been. She told me a story of picking strawberries in her backyard that was so full of passion, emotion and feeling that I wanted more, far more. I mused to myself that maybe I should ask for her phone number or find some way of getting closer to her, since I really liked the vibes she was putting out. I didn't know where she was and had no energy to look, though.

An hour later, as I was using the bathroom before I left, I ran into her by the  bathrooms. I asked for her number and told her I enjoyed her passion and emotion. She told me that people told her that "you could always tell what emotion is on her face", what she's feeling. I have a feeling she may be a person after my own heart. I have to remember to call her. It would be so nice to find a kindred spirit in this world.

Great things happen when you keep your eyes open to the wonders around you.

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