Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reflections on a Fall Day

Reflections of a Fall Day - September 22, 2016

It was such a lovely beautiful day, and I met my friend at the square at 3:30, when I got off the bus. I love how I can make her laugh! Even with little things. That's such a gift, being able to make someone laugh. We laughed about the really bad singer who sounded like he was on drugs hanging around the bus stop. Someone near me was like "God, I hope he doesn't get on this bus." We commented on how many people were around and what a beautiful day it was. Around 75, sunny, a breeze, no humidity. Warm in the sun, perfect in the shade.

We walked towards the hot dog stand, and sat for about 20 minutes listening to C talking about music. D gives the obligatory pun/found something to make fun of; he never fails to get a laugh out of me. Today, he had little cards printed up making fun of LePage, and at the very bottom it said "I should have shot it when I saw it at Marden's," a reference to the old theme song. While I don't condone violence, it made me laugh. Satisfied that I had gotten my weekly dose of D's humor, I sat back down again with Amber, bought a water from Mark, and then we decided to continue on our journey through New England's most beautiful city.

We walked down Exchange and said hello to Anna selling her pictures, and encountered our first street vendor at the bottom of Exchange on Commerical. Our goal is to go see the cruise ship that is docking in Portland for the day, and whatever  street vendors are left selling to the tourists.

Four street vendors are left out of the probably hundred that were there earlier. Lovely, connected, and spontaneous conversations occur with all of them. With one friendly guy I've seen many times before, I sympathize with his long hours and compliment his wares. One recognizes me from my synagogue, I don't know him but that was cool. One tells me how all the passengers today were British and had disabilities, very interesting. I get to hear the accent of one very British woman who comes back to pick up the magnets she forgot. I adore accents, but I can barely understand this one! Oh, what fun, I wish I could hear more. I whisper in my friend's ear "That's so cool!" We glance at the cruise ship when we finally reach our destination and make the long trek back. The breeze and sunshine play with my hair and feel good on my skin. I feel satisfied. I have a meeting that occurs on a bench by the hot dog stand. I then head to the library, spend a half hour peacefully lost in my thoughts, and get the bus home. I end up singing to the songs on my mp3 player as I wait for the bus, something I always enjoy but can never do on demand - it always has to come when the mood strikes me. "She's just singing to the scarecrow,
Trying to let the whole world know how wonderful it feels,To be here on this South Kentucky Farm
Singing to the scarecrow."

When I have days like this, and write things like this, it reminds me that I am part of a community, even though I can't go in many buildings. And I wonder how it differs from the way other people feel or don't feel part of their communities, I wonder if I have more than others and don't realize it, or less, or the same in different ways. I wonder if all of the begging I do for more would be quieted if I had a different way to perceive what I have.

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