Friday, April 26, 2019

Opening Week for Mark's Hot Dogs

Posting something I wrote on Facebook here so I have it to remember.

Guess what happened when I was walking downtown today? The flower shop I always pass had a big sign that advertised pussywillows! The employee was outside, so I asked her if it had anything to do with Dyngus Day! She had never heard of it (like every single person I've talked to even those with Polish connections) but was VERY interested to hear about it! I was so tempted to buy one and take it and find someone to swat with it! Lol! The sun finally came out, and I met SO MANY interesting people in one 20-30 minute walk downtown. I told the woman about Dingus Day; then just somehow naturally fell into stride with a guy named Cliff whose energy I seemed to relate to immediately; he told me about his cousin dying that morning, and how hard it was to focus at work. We had an immediate connection and I was happy to provide a listening ear for the 5 minutes our paths connected.

Bouyoed by this connection, I stopped to rest and enjoy the beautiful sunshine at Congress Sq, and started talking to an older gentleman sitting there about the weather and the hot dog guys. Another instant connection. I left only because I wanted to save enough energy for Mark.
I stopped briefly to say hello to Joe - the first thing he told me was "Mark is out!" The town was abuzz with this information, no competition here - and told him I'd be back after. I took the fast but less pretty way there and was so happy to see that red and white umbrella. I gave him a dark chocolate sea salt almond piece from Lake Champlain, and he might have given me my second favorite reaction ever "Wow. This is amazing!"
Lol I loooove introducing people to good chocolate, it's so muh fun!

Then there was a guy who I love talking to who's an amazing photographer - Hi, John! - and we chatted a half hour. By the time I got back to the library, 2 hours had passed since I left, but 2 very good hours. I sat with a smile on my face, just trying to process all the wonderful interactions I'd had, tired but truly happy for the first time in several months. I had forgotten what it felt like to be actually happy, and for that reminder I have Mark to thank, and Mel to thank for telling me he was out!

When I put my mp3 player on, positive emotions exploded in my mind; combining positive stimuli and music makes music so euphoric, but it had been nearly a year since I last enjoyed music in that way.
Sore but thankful to have so many positive endorphins after so many months after having none. Laughing and smiling instead of crying for once. People must have been so shocked to see the difference, lol.

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