Saturday, September 11, 2010

End of Summer entry

I feel obligated to write some kind of end of summer blog entry. Okay, I want to as well as feeling obligated. I doubt I will have anything brilliant to say, but perhaps it will be meaningful, if I can sustain my attention to it throughout.

Oh, the humidity of it all: revisited

Back in May or whenever it was, four months ago, I wrote a post talking about the humidity and how scared I was of it. I was terrified of the summer. For a good six months I had been terrified of the summer. But you know what the good thing is from all that being scared in advance? By the time the thing actually happens, you've imagined the worst case scenario so many times, that anything that actually does happen pales in comparison with what you've imagined. Not to mention you've had all that time to psychologically prepare yourself and get used to the idea. When it finally happens - as the heat and humidity did this summer - you just deal.

And deal I did, but with some better cards in my hand than in past summers. With a well insulated house that rarely got that hot, at least downstairs; a TV to distract myself with; and no real reason to actually go outside, except when we were at the beach, I found it a lot easier to deal with the summer and the heat and humidity that it brought than I had in previous summers. I didn't like it, but it didn't make me miserable and unable to function like it did three summers ago, either. Halejuah for overcoming one fear, and what happened to be probably the hottest and most humid summer in recent Maine history.

The Beaches and other Activities

I enjoyed going to more beaches than I could possibly name this summer with my friends Nate, Rob and Ryan. I honed my photography skills and learned to relish the act of taking pictures, of every conceivable place and opportunity, and posting them to share. Crescent Beach, Two Lights, Fort Williams, East End Beach, Popham (with my dad), Willard Beach/SMCC, Higgins, we went to all the good ones. Then there were the festivals: the Clam Festival in Yarmouth and the Windjammer Festival in Boothbay Harbor. And of course, we went to the lake at my dad's house to swim a couple times, which is always a fun and enjoyable thing to do.
I've got enough pictures of this summer to make a very, very, VERY large album, let's just say that, lol.

The Relatives

I got to see many relatives over the summer, which is something that I enjoyed. My granparents on my dad's side visited for two weeks in the early summer, and I spent three full days with them, memories I will have forever. My dad's cousin and his wife, Steve and Gail, came a few times, and I saw them once. My dad's old friend Bob came twice and I got to see him both times, once when he had his kids and grandkids with him. My mom came to visit at the end dof the summer, and we spent a day together. It was nice feeling like a part of a family when I got to spend time with all these relatives.

Challenges Overcome

I managed to acquire several new pairs of clothes and start to overcome some of my problems with wearing more than one piece of clothing and other issues related to clothing.

Ehh, this is a boring entry that I will end here but leave in case I find it a year later and actually want to read it. :)

May the fall bring more joys and challenges, more growth and life.

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