Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Funny Keywords Used to Find My Blog

I just looked at my Google Stats keywords for people who found this blog, and after like 4 months or so (maybe more), I have finally reached a critical mass where I am getting that all important thing - funny Google searches from people!

So in the interest of both entertainment and seriousness, and because I just find it fascinating what people search for, I present you the most interesting keywords/search phrases used to find my blog. It's like looking into the psyche of the nation, honestly.

Most amusing was how many other people share my feelings about weather and humidity:

"hard to function in east texas humidity" --- man, i feel for you!

"humid summer maine" - you got that one right!

"humidity and aspies" - hmm, never knew there was a connection but perhaps

"weather emotions humidity worried" - wow this person is concise. they summed up my entire blog entry in 4 words.

"when will it stop being humid" - we were all wondering that!

"barometric pressure humidity brain fog" - again, this person read my mind.


and then the MCS people (not amusing, just interesting):

chemical sensitivities finding a home

housing for people with chemical sensitivity


Some Aspergers related searches:

how to make aspie child clean themselves - a common question!

maine aspergers housing - doesn't really exist, except in south portland, kind of

new carpet chemicals aspergers - never would have connected the 2 but it is definitely related to MCS!

Other AS searches:

what does the state of maine offer to aspergers kids

autism yarmouth maine

aspies housing in portland,oregon area

aspies and adulthood

aspergers and writing styles

asperger roomate portland


And then the Clam Festival....

2010 yarmouth clam festival fun run pics

2010 yarmouth clam festival

clam relaxing ..... ???

bad clam festival ...... well I guess someone didnt enjoy it :)

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